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Live files allow you to edit and run Speagram directly from the Web. You can create them using our live interface and if you want to use them from an application you can query them from PHP.

Each live file consists of a number of parts which are used to group related content, for example all the elements that define a class or all the rules that define a function. You can operate on each part separately and use the attached buttons to edit it or run the Speagram code inside that part. You should remember that the code in a given part is always run in the context of the code from all parts above it, so the order of parts in your document is relevant. You can move parts up and down the document using the up and down buttons. To make editing and viewing easier you can use the hide button to contract a part and see just a summary of its first lines.

At the top of each live file on the right side there is a button that allows you to save the file on the server. Whenever a live file is saved we create a backup copy that remains available through the live interface. To save a file you must know and enter the key to that file. The key is specified at the moment when the file is created and can be empty if you want to allow everyone to edit your file. You should be aware that on the server the keys are never stored or processed in unencrypted form, but the transmission from your computer to our server is currently not encrypted.

Formatting rules when editing live files

When you click edit in a live file you can enter any text into the box. But if you want to add links, bold or preformatted text, paragraph breaks and Speagram code then you must obey the following simple wiki-like formatting rules.

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