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Contact us by writing at the following email address given below as a graphical image.

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We are an open source project hosted by SourceForge.net and our software is distributed under the BSD licence. Check us out at the following addresses.
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The Speagram Team is a group of closely cooperating individuals with academic background. Each person is a graduate student or has a PhD in either computer science or mathematics. Lukasz Kaiser is the founder and head of the project coordinating the efforts of the whole team which is made up of the following developers:

In addition to code developers there are a few persons who help to develop Speagram with their comments and discussions. It is hard to mention all of them so we select here just the most active contributors:

We are especially thankful to Ben Goertzel for supporting Speagram's development at its very early stages.

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Google's Summer of Code 2005 was a huge boost to the development of Speagram with Michal Ryszard Wojcik winning the grant and finishing successfully. The mentoring organization was Google itself and he applied with the task of completely rewriting Speagram's implementation — which resulted in a clearer code, improved documentation, and a few dozens times faster execution. Thanks!

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